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Welcome to Dianna Agron Online, the newest fansite for the star of Glee, I Am Number Four, and the upcoming Malavita. We hope to bring you all of the latest news and photos. Makes sure to visit our photo gallery, which currently contains over 20,000 mostly HQ photos, including photoshoots, magazine scans, scaap caps, candids, events, appearances and everything else to do with Dianna!

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New GQ Photoshoot Added

19, 2010

Posted By Rachel

I’ve added a couple of photos from the GQ photoshoot “Glee” co-stars Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron did for the October issue of GQ magazine. Hopefully higher resolution photos will be released soon! Head over to the gallery for the latest addition.

Gallery Links:
- Home > Photoshoots > GQ (2010)

GQ Magazine (October 2010) Scans Added

19, 2010

Posted By Rachel

I’ve added magazine scans of Dianna with her “Glee” co-stars, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele from the October 2010 issue of GQ. Credit for the images goes to Dianna Agron Brazil. Head over to the gallery for the latest addition.

Gallery Links:
- Home > Magazine Scans > GQ Magazine – October 2010

InStyle Magazine (October 2010) Scans Added

19, 2010

Posted By Rachel

Dianna was featured in the October 2010 issue of InStyle magazine in a gorgeous three (3) page spread. Head over to the gallery for the latest addition.

Gallery Links:
- Home > Magazine Scans > InStyle – October 2010

Elle Magazine Scan Added

16, 2010

Posted By Rachel

A big thank you goes out to Mikaela ( for sending me this gorgeous scan of Dianna from the October 2010 Elle Magazine. Dianna looks so stunning and so high fashion, don’t you think?

Gallery Links:
- Home > Magazine Scans > Elle – October 2010

Dianna to Star in the “Spider-Man” Reboot Film?

03, 2010

Posted By Rachel

Beautiful “Glee” star Dianna Agron could be playing the part of the female lead in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ movie. The new Spidey reboot is also going to be slinging webs right at you in 3-D. The movie already has its lead actor, appears to have a Mary Jane, and could also have its villain set as well. So what’s that mean for Dianna Agron in the film?

Reportedly, Dianna Agron who plays on ‘Glee’ just recently auditioned for a part in the upcoming Superhero reboot. According to the Hollywood reports, the new Spider-Man film is likely to have Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy as two prospective love interests for Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It was reported earlier today on that Emma Stone has been offered the role of Mary Jane Watson, a role she fits quite well. That leaves the role of Gwen Stacy for Dianna Agron. Also contending for the role could be Mia Waskowska, Georgina Haig and Dominique McElligott.

We already know that Andrew Garfield has the lead role as Peter Parker and Spidey. Dianna Agron would make another smart choice for this reboot, along with Emma Stone who received rave reviews for her latest film “Easy A.” The current rumors circulating around the villain are that Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman would be playing the part of Spider-Man’s nemesis, and it might be venom. That seems like a “stretch” though, as Hoffman had been rumored as a villain in the third and final “Dark Knight/Batman” film from Christopher Nolan as The Penguin at one point. (Source)

September 28th “Glee” Set Visit

01, 2010

Posted By Rachel

I’ve added pictures from the on-set visit with the cast of “Glee” at Paramount Studios from September 28! Dianna looked absolutely stunning! Head over to the gallery for all the latest additions.

Gallery Links
- Home > Public Events > 2010 > “Glee” Set Visit

Dianna Wants Katie Holmes and Suri on “Glee”

16, 2010

Posted By Rachel

Dianna Agron would love to see her co-star Katie Holmes make a special appearance on Glee, alongside her daughter Suri. The 24-year-old actress bonded with Holmes on the set of their new movie The Romantics, so would love her to make a cameo in the future.

“We had so much fun together on and off set,” reveals Dianna, best known for her role as cheerleader Quinn on the musical show. “She has said to me that she and Suri watch the musical numbers and they love it. It would be awesome to get them on the show. That would be amazing.”

Agron is excited about Glee season 2, which will begin on September 21, 2010 in the US. (Source)

Glee Whiz – Vanity Fair Photoshoot

05, 2010

Posted By Rachel

I’ve added Dianna’s gorgeous Vanity Fair photoshoot into the gallery. I must say, it is one of my absolute favourite Dianna photoshoots ever. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Dianna Agron wants to show us another side, and we shouldn’t be surprised that she has one. The 24-year-old “Glee” star—she plays cheerleader Quinn Fabray, in case you’ve been in cryogenic suspension since 2009—grew up taking ballet lessons, but her nickname was Charlie, for her male alter ego and the star of the short stories she’d write in high school. She revered equally the poised Audrey Hepburn and the madcap Lucille Ball. And she’s become famous for playing a virginal, super-popular, conservative cheerleader who gets pregnant, joins the show choir, and starts agitating for all the misfits there. Can we pin her dichotomies on an Upstairs, Downstairs, Eloise-like upbringing?

Agron grew up in hotels in Savannah and San Francisco—her father was a Hyatt general manager—and she credits this peripatetic childhood of watching travelers drop their guard for her interest in human psychology and, ultimately, acting. Her intrepid contrariety explains her latest film project as well: I Am Number Four, which comes out this winter and is based on the first in James Frey’s pseudonymous series of young-adult novels. “I’m likening it to Rebel Without a Cause,” Agron explained. “With supernatural elements. And aliens.” Having had the opportunity to perform chase scenes and jump off buildings, she’s ready to add other weapons to her pom-pom arsenal. “I want to be badass,” she cracked. We can’t wait to watch that.

Gallery Links:
- Home > Photoshoots > Vanity Far (2010)

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Arrival Pictures

29, 2010

Posted By Rachel

Dianna is attending the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and she looks absolutely stunning. I’ve added the first batch released red carpet photos into the gallery. Fingers crossed for a successful “Glee” Emmy evening! Head over to the gallery for the latest images – more will be added once available.

Gallery Links:
- Home > Public Events > 2010 > 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – Arrivals

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